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I'll take the scooter, no I'll take the cycle

I’ll take the scooter, no I’ll take the cycle

What do you expect when you are dunked into the South China sea like a baptismal baby? You get the wanderlust. What happens when your parents thought it was fun to explore ancient temples in Asia? You are a product of your upbringing. It didn’t matter if we were traveling into the city for a Sunday afternoon excursion or driving around the bottom of Lake Michigan to get some sand between our toes. Resurrecting heavy canvas tents to get some shelter before the stars came out to play… this was all the prep work for turning us into travel junkies.

The scent of jet fuel brings back memories of our Dad while we were growing up. He would come home with it on his skin like a fine mens cologne. We knew he was at the airport. Today, when our cars round the bend at that great travel hub, to either drop each other off or pick each other up, you can sometimes catch the jet fuel in the air… ahhh….

Our unquenchable drive for exploring has taken us across North America, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, and the Pacific Islands. We have the travel bug and it bites often. We love to explore new cultures from cuisine and art to local traditions. Nicole is a great lover of eco-tourism where it’s “fun” for her to have the local wildlife nesting within her accomodations. Jen prefers the crisp room appointments and Bulgari toiletries at the Ritz Carlton. Don’t get us wrong, we each vacillate between these two mediums.

There’s nothing better than flinging your body off an Austrian bobsled run to return back to the states with a nearly broken jaw! Thank goodness we have each other to help make advance appointments back in the states with the dentist.

We love all of these directions, and asking for directions along the way, gives us great insight on how miniscule we truly are in this universe!

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