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art education

Salvador Dalí's garden, Cadaqués, Spain

By: Jen

Years ago, I was sitting in a small seaside village with my family when the thought occurred to me that children actually have the ability to like a European museum. We were fresh off the heels of a whirlwind tour of Salvador Dalí’s Museum in Figueres, Spain. The naysayers were very quick to share their opinions of how young children were incapable of successfully traveling outside of the United States. My husband and I decided to make that decision on our own. We made the right decision for our family.

That afternoon while enjoying the rich and beautiful history of that seaside village, I decided to share my love of art history with children. I teach art awareness at Northwest Suburban Montessori School outside of Chicago, Illinois. My students never cease to amaze me with their sense of wonder. They really do want to know about art, the artist who created it and if they too can create a painting, drawing or sculpture based on the lesson they just soaked in.

Children relate to art in the context of their own lives and own personal experiences. They have a lot of ideas and make connections with art. Some remember seeing an image in other places like on a cd cover or in their dentist’s office! Getting comfortable talking about art will prepare our children to feel confident when stepping through the doors of an art museum as they mature into adulthood.

I will share my experiences and art lessons with you as they progress.

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