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My life is a soccer game

Nike Cup Soccer Tournament

The beauty of a young mind flourishes during a routine homework assignment on metaphoric poetry…

By: Trey Schmidt

life is emotion, life is a soccer match
the dream to be a leader, to wear on my sleeve the captain’s patch
the passion it takes to get all the way
the bumps that trip you throughout the day
willing to take a foul
inside I want to growl
my friends will say “don’t stay on the ground get back up!”

the ball hits the post, I need it to make it the most
sometimes you feel the game will never end
this game of soccer my old friend
the win in the game will make you strong
then in life I will be clever
no matter if there is rain
the confidence is what I gain

I will not get every call, but will play on to have fun
to start walking to the pitch, jogging– then I run
“the foul won’t stay in my brain” I say
I’ll make it up on another day
shake it off, shake it up, life won’t get me in a rut

the field will never stay the same just as you will change
every single minute you play
you will never stop to stay

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  1. Tammy #

    wow! That was a truly moving poem! Such talent in a young mind! Thanks for sharing!!

    April 10, 2013

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