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!Business Connect! Maple City Roasters

In today’s Business Connect, we are delighted to introduce you to Del Arnold of Maple City Roasters. Join us in Del’s interview below to find out more about their coffee roasting business. We love their amazingly delicious fresh roasted coffee!

Maple City Roasters

2Sis: Tell us about your small business; what is your specialty?

Our specialty is roasting “green coffee” beans.  We are a micro Roast-to-Order business.

2Sis: How many years are you now in business and how many employees currently are working for you? 

In March our business will be 5 yrs young and growing.  Customers just love our NON bitter roasted beans.  We have had a partner for three years until he retired and moved away.  With the growth we have just added a new partner.

2Sis: How did you come upon your specialty? Do you have formal training? Was this a lifelong passion?

No formal training & yes it was a passion of my husband Kreg.  He appreciates good coffee, craft beer and good cigars. Kreg was a home roaster and so many of our craft beer drinkers were continually were asking for the fresh roast.

2Sis: What is a day in the office like for you?

Well for me it is the “roasting shop” I roast as ordered, package and label as well as delivery.  Then home to the office for paper work.

2Sis: How do you invent new flavors? Is it driven by customer requests? 

The requests are driven by customer preferences.  Some have really taken off…..even when I was skeptical.


2Sis: How do you juggle your time to focus on PR/Marketing?  

I have always had a passion for the networking and marketing.  We have participated in numerous shows over the years and grew our contact list.  We are involved in unique events…such as Artisan Fairs or Gardening events.

2Sis: Do your customers buy for a particular holiday? Or are they purchasing for themselves?  

As expected Holidays bring out a good portion of business which translates to regular mail orders if they are out of towners.

2Sis: If you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would it be? Why? 

To Jamaican or Costa Rican for coffee tours…..or to Mexico to just relax.

2Sis: Any words of advice you can offer to other small businesses? 

Network, Network, Network we have met the nicest & most honest people who are so eager to help you grow.  We grew without a marketing budget.

2 Sis: What can we expect to see from your company in the future? 

Much growth in many different directions.  To branch out, have a store front and service our customers.

2Sis: Where can we find you? Please list your links.

Call or text 219-873-3735

Kreg and Del Arnold
Maple City Roasters, LLC

The key is in the Roast!


Thank you Del for giving us a behind the scenes peek into the happenings at Maple City Roasters !

Be sure to check out Maple City Roasters for yourself – a great gift for family and friends!

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