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Designer’s Connect! Lonesome Road Studio Giveaway Winner!

The lucky giveaway winner of these gorgeous silver earrings from Lonesome Road Studio is…..

Lonesome Road Studio

Frosty silver snowflake earrings, artisan pure silver

KIT! of Kit’s Creations!

Kit, please email your address to Nicole at so that I may forward to Angie at Lonesome Road Studio.

Thank you again, Angie for your generosity!


Designer’s Connect! Lonesome Road Studio

In today’s Connect with the Designer, we are delighted to introduce you to Angie of Lonesome Road Studio.
Join us in Angie’s interview below to find out more about her multitude of talents!

2Sis: Tell us about your art; what is your talent?

After recently reading an article on the American Craft website, it occurred to me that what I am is an “applied artist.” I started out wanting to be a fine artist and evolved into doing a little of that, plus wearable art accessories.
Basically, I like to create interesting art and apply it in different ways, sometimes for your wall, sometimes for you to wear.
As far as my medium goes, I work in markers and the occasional mixed-media piece.

Lonesome Road Studio

Esmeralda artisan silver and Pilot Mountain Nevada turquoise necklace $165.00

2Sis: What is a day in the studio like for you?

As a one-person show, a day in the studio can mean anything from actual artwork to marketing/promoting, photographing items, ordering supplies, packing/shipping orders, customer service and more.
A day spent working entirely on art is rare, especially as someone who sells primarily online.

2Sis: Did you always know you were an artist? Were there flashes of brilliance for you as a child? Teenager?

Yes, I’ve always been artistic. I went quickly from coloring books to doing my own artwork on big newsprint-paper type pads of drawing paper, hehe! I apprenticed at an international ad agency at age 16 and I’ve never, ever worked at a single job that wasn’t either graphic design-related or otherwise artistic/creative.

2Sis: What inspires you, what do you believe in that you convey in your art?

I really appreciate humor, and mine is a little twisted at times. I like the unexpected, like a cheeseburger belt buckle, and I think I convey that type of quirkiness.

One of the things that I enjoy most about doing shows is when someone chuckles at one of my pieces since I intentionally use art, quotes, or something offbeat to create something different – a new spin, a different point of view.

Lonesome Road Studio

Cheeseburger belt buckle

2Sis: Is there a particular cultures jewelry that you especially appreciate?

I try to use American-made components as much as possible and partly for this reason I love Native American art and jewelry, particularly southwestern and Pacific northwestern. You know when you see a piece of vintage silver and turquoise Navajo jewelry, that they used materials from their own environment. From an esthetic standpoint, those are also the colors I love; warm colors like turquoise blue/green, red corals and earthtones.

2Sis: What is your favorite material to work with?  

My favorite thing to work with is my markers, and ArtClay silver (although the silver has become VERY expensive in the last couple of years).

The designs that I use in the silver are my own; I had stamps created with my own artwork so I could retain creative control over my designs and did not have to use commercial stamps and, one of my newest favorite materials is leather. I’ve been creating small original leather pieces like wristbands and will soon be adding belts and guitar straps to that list.

2Sis: How do you get past “artists block”? Do you have a method for “getting going”?

I have absolutely no problem with artists block! What I do have is not enough time to create all of the projects in my head. The only time I have a problem with “getting going” is when I have so many things to do that I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. That’s where my new skill of prioritizing has come in handy… sometimes.

Lonesome Road Studio

Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Original Spirit Buckle by Lonesome Road Studio

2Sis: What fall fashion trends do you like this season?

I love the artsy bohemian styles and some of the southwestern looks I’ve been seeing – fringe, beadwork, etc. I just hope that it doesn’t become a generalized caricature, something like “The Village People go to Wisconsin Dells tourist gift shops!”

2Sis: If you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would it be?

Definitely somewhere in the western U.S. … Jackson Hole, WY? Taos or Santa Fe, NM?

2Sis: Where can we find you? Please list your links.

Buckles and pure silver:

Buckles and fun art accessories:

Twitter: @LonesomeRoad




Bite This! The Lonesome Road Studio Kitchen Blog:


I’m also a member of the Ottawa Art League, show/sell at our gallery at Jeremiah Joe Coffee at 807 LaSalle St. in Ottawa, IL.I admin our Facebook page here:

Lonesome Road Studio was recently accepted at and will begin selling applied art wearable and prints there as well!


2Sis: WOW! How’s that for an interview! I love that you have created your own stamps and try to use American made components as much as possible. You cracked us up with the “The Village People go to Wisconsin Dells tourist gift shops!” comment and we can attest that you are indeed a gifted artist. Thank you Angie for giving us a behind the scenes peek into your creative life!

Angie is generously offering a giveaway of these gorgeous silver earrings to one lucky winner.

Lonesome Road Studio

Frosty silver snowflake earrings, artisan pure silver

To enter follow and or like the links listed above. For each like or follow you will be entered into the giveaway.
Following the 2SistersAnytownUSA blog is required.

Be sure to post in the comments below all of your entries so we know how many times to enter your name into the giveaway.

Deadline is Sunday November 25. The winner to Angie’s giveaway will be announced here Monday November 26.
Good luck!

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