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!Designer’s Connect! – Megan’s Beaded Designs

In today’s Connect with the Designer, we are delighted to introduce you to Megan of Megan’s Beaded Designs . Join us in Megan’s interview below to find out more about her amazing designs!

2Sis: Tell us about your art; what is your talent?

Megan: I design and create beaded hair accessories and jewelry. I’ve done a lot of other avenues in the past as well, but for now my beadwork is my main focus.

Sparkling Beaded Black and Silver Crystal Rhinestone Hair Clip

Megan’s Beaded Designs – Sparkling Beaded Black and Silver Crystal Rhinestone Hair Clip

2Sis: What is a day in the studio like for you?

Megan: I have a day job (that I love!), so obviously the majority of my day is spent in the office. I do, however, always bring my work with me to plug away at on my lunch break. I also make sure to check up on my shops via smart phone during that time to. (Hooray for modern technology!) Overall though, this does limit my time to work on my Etsy shops for the evening and weekend hours. As a result, I have to manage my time as effectively as I can, so my customers and followers can’t tell the difference.

2Sis: Did you always know you were an artist? Were there flashes of brilliance for you as a child? Teenager?

Megan: I have always been the “creative type.” I’ve been beading since I was 5 or so. My grandfather was into the native beadweaving and dream catcher making, and he got me into it very early on. I even started selling my work as an early age, attending barter fairs and craft fairs before middle school. Besides beading, I’ve also loved to draw and paint, and write fiction.

Glass Dome Covered Digital Image of Watch Gears in Silver Plated Cuff Links

Steampunk Dream – Steampunk Cuff Links – Glass Dome Covered Digital Image of Watch Gears in Silver Plated Cuff Links

2Sis: What inspires you, what do you believe in that you convey in your art?

Megan: I’m all about originality. What’s the fun in dressing and looking like everyone else? What I stress the most about my pieces is their unique nature. As a result of being completely hand beaded, no two items are ever exactly alike. I don’t make JUST a hair clip, or JUST a necklace, but a piece of art that you can wear!

2Sis: How do you get past “artists block”? Do you have a method for “getting going”?

Megan: Honestly I usually have the opposite problem: too many ideas and not enough daylight. I’ve already had to force myself to focus on one craft so I’m not scattered all over the place. For me, the challenge is honing in on what I’m lacking in inventory. Keeping a proper stock of certain times means I don’t always get to make what I feel like making. Perhaps I’m in the mood to make a necklace, but I need to make more bracelets, and so on.

Beaded Lace Collar Necklace

Megan’s Beaded Designs – Citron Yellow Necklace – Beaded Lace Collar Necklace

2Sis: Do you collaborate with anyone on your work?

Megan: I’m pretty much a one-woman show. I do like the feedback I get when I enter pieces into team challenges, it’s always productive to hear what fellow beaders have to say about my goodies!

2Sis: If you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would it be?

Megan: I freak LOVE traveling – but unfortunately haven’t gotten to do very much of it: YET. My wish list currently has New York City and ALL of Europe on it. Someday…

2Sis: Where can we find you? Please list your links.

Megan’s Etsy Shops:

Megan’s Blog:

Megan’s Facebook:

M’s Twitter:

M’s Pinterest:

M’s Wanelo:

Thank you Megan for giving us a behind the scenes peek into your creative life! Be sure to check out Megan’s Etsy shops for your holiday gift giving.

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  1. Thank you for the great feature! I deeply appreciate it! ♥

    October 11, 2012

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