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The finality of summer… comforted by a maple bacon muffin in Union Pier, MI

By: Jen

Our truck is packed with all the sand, bags and unopened wine known to mankind. We must say goodbye to the beach… In a desperate attempt to soothe our souls we go for one last walk with the family and our beloved mutt. Of course it couldn’t end there. Our dog was bitten in the ear by one of its kind. Nothing like a slight medical emergency to end the holiday. The silver lining to the story is that my usually very calm husband was realizing that our last day at the beach would need to be cut short, in order to care for our dog. We needed to get home.

“Well I’m stopping at that new Nani’s Café on the way out of town!” he proclaimed…

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I sat in the overpacked truck. He brought the menu out for me. Feeling so flustered I just ordered the Chicago Style Dog. He chose the BLT Dog. My brother-in-law picked The Mexican Dog. They brought me a maple bacon muffin– just for kicks. I took a bite of the muffin. I never got out of the truck so fast! Forget that our dog had my fashion scarf wrapped around her head to alleviate an injured ear. I had to get into Nani’s to talk to whomever made this most unbelievable muffin! Who made these extremely tasty hotdogs?

I met Nessa and Reyna– the proprietors of the new Nani’s Café located in Union Pier, Michigan. Their coffee was excellent. The muffin was decadent. The dogs were what dogs should be! The bun was buttered, the dog was kosher and the toppings were a new twist on familiar ingredients. Peppery fresh arugula complimented the BLT Dog! When we arrived home and after unpacking all the memories, my husband shared…

“You know, I’m still thinking about that hotdog.”
Oh yeah? I’m still thinking about that muffin!

Why not take a step back in time and go get a frosty mug of rootbeer this Labor Day weekend. That should take the edge off of this great summer coming to a close. Happy Labor Day to all!

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  1. Sorry about your mutt, but thanks for sharing the info about Nani’s Cafe. I can’t wait to try the muffin and hot dog on my fall visit to Union Pier.

    August 28, 2012
    • 2SistersAnytownUSA #

      You will love their coffee and muffins. Right up your alley, I mean beachwalk, sandy street, woodland trail….

      August 29, 2012
  2. ken #

    sound good where is this place???

    August 28, 2012
    • 2SistersAnytownUSA #

      Hi Ken,
      Union Pier is located in Southwest Michigan, just north of New Buffalo and about 1 1/2 hrs. from Chicago with reasonable traffic. Nani’s is on Red Arrow Highway which used to be the only thoroughfare in the vintage days. Union Pier hugs the lake and is one of many smaller beach resort towns north of the Indiana border. It is low-key…

      August 29, 2012

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