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Vegetable adirondack chairs at the farm

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By: Jen

Driving westbound out of Chicago for a couple of hours means one of two things for us– a soccer tournament or visiting the farm! Two totally different experiences yet there is a subtle connection. A healthful diet leads to a healthful body which in turn moves with ease to tackle the most challenging of sports maneuvers.

We love to visit the farm and I love to paint for Kelley Road Farms. The Vegetable Adirondack chairs were born out of love for everything sustainable at the farm. Each chair back has its own fluid mosaic patterning of nature’s bounty. The arms represent the wide open midwestern skies and the face of the chairs beckon you to explore the endless fields.

Our very good friends are the proprietors of Kelley Road Farms in Caledonia, IL. Their mission is rooted in the time honored knowledge of cooking through family life. All of their adventures incorporate their own naturally-grown produce as a signature ingredient. They grow their own vegetables without the use of chemicals or pesticides and incorporate additional local produce and organic ingredients to round out their authentic food creations. The future is very bright for Tom and Drew as they continue to build their facility, research and develop their product line and bring their vision into the marketplace.

Pull out your adirondacks and enjoy the calm and peaceful days of summer!

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  1. tammy #

    I too have enjoyed the goodness from Kelley Road Farms. Fresh and wonderful! Your chair is beautiful and full of such love and meaning! Thanks for sharing.

    June 23, 2012
  2. There are so many adirondack chairs out there these days, I have gotten pretty bored with the look and style. However, Love, LOVE, LOVE these chairs. So unique and the handpainted design is gorgeous.

    July 6, 2012
    • 2SistersAnytownUSA #

      Why thank you Michael! The best creativity comes when you work with someone you connect with. I would have replied sooner but summer activities have kept me out of the studio. Have a great weekend…

      July 27, 2012

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