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Midwest at Its Best: Michigan Part 2

By: Jen

After many beach days in a row, we often find ourselves traveling east bound out of the Red Arrow beach towns to Three Oaks. This community has a new local gem called Journeyman Distillery. We are very excited to make this a permanent summer stop with our whiskey and scotch loving husbands! We hear there is a rooftop patio in the works.

Upon entering the distillery which is located in the historic Featherbone Factory, you spy a massive tasting table with a backdrop of factory windows. Sunlight pours into the space. The inner workings of the distillery can be seen through floor to ceiling glass panels on the left and a bar is situated to the right. The decor is shall we say, masculine but with a weathered reclaimed timber look. Shades of grey and black are pronounced. It is quite exquisite.

There is nothing worse than sitting in an average bar and ordering a cocktail that is made with high fructose corn syrup infused mixers. Why this goo is added to bloody mary mix is beyond us. This also goes for insanely sweet acidic lemon/lime mass produced potion that inevitably wrecks a margarita or whiskey sour. These experiences do not happen at Journeyman’s bar!

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To get a taste of each organic distilled product, we sampled four cocktails… The Moscow Mule, a Gin Gimlet, the Bloody Mary and a Manhattan. Owner Bill and bartender Ryan created the drinks with house made organic mixers. We loved each of these drinks for their purity. One ingredient didn’t crowd out other elements in the glass. Our favorite was the Moscow Mule lovingly crafted with ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime and vodka.

We enjoyed a short visit with Bill and discovered that he studied his craft with a friend in Scotland. He has brought his passion for the “respect of land and it’s people” to Three Oaks, MI.

We purchased a bottle of Silver Cross Whiskey for our husbands to try at home. They love it! This coming from two men who are on a constant hunt for the most excellent whiskeys and scotches. The bottle is beautifully designed and makes a welcome addition to your table top bar. This whiskey is a tribute to the game of golf. In the early days of the British Open, the Silver Cross medal was given in honor of friendship, tradition, camaraderie and spirited competition. 1 % of all proceeds are donated to the betterment of this most beloved game.

You can visit the distillery for tours our bottling parties. Light fare will be offered soon but the real magic here is the focus on excellent organic spirits. Check them out at They are located just east of the Lake Michigan shoreline at Journeyman Distillery, 109 Generations Drive Three Oaks, MI 49128, 269.820.2050.

In good spirits… happy weekend!

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  1. Bill Watson #

    A few years ago this would have been on the top of my list. I’m not jealous because I know I’ve had more than my share over the years. I no longer chase the perfect sour mash bourbon, the throat searing rye or the smoothest gin. Just skirts these days and very few of those!

    Bill W.

    May 19, 2012
    • 2SistersAnytownUSA #

      MadMen at its best Bill!

      May 22, 2012

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