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Midwest at Its Best: Michigan Part 1

Vintage trading card swimsuit mixed media painting by Jen

Vintage trading card swimsuit mixed media painting by Jen

By: Jen

Nicole and I have had Michigan beach sand in our belly buttons since we were kids. The scent of the sun on our skin as our parents drove home, following the southbound rut in the road after a long beach day. The simplicity of childhood! Fast forward to adulthood. Life is fast and crazy. There is little time to unwind and do it in style these days. As a proponent of the organic movement and to supporting small local businesses, we want to share some bright spots in Harbor Country Michigan. We will start at the base of Harbor Country in New Buffalo. Tiny beach towns sprinkle the southwest shore of Lake Michigan. You drive up Red Arrow Highway to access local restaurants, antique shops, bed and breakfasts and private beach cottages.

In our family, we have have led taste tests of many local sausages within the Chicagoland area. We have visited many Polish American delis and Italian grocery stores. Our aunt, mom and grandma– all bringing their local sausage find to the taste testing facility within grandma’s kitchen. Nothing seems to ring a bell. As a child I remember traveling what seemed deep into the city, before Easter, with my grandparents. We would wait in long lines to obtain the holy grail of sausage. The aroma was mouth watering.

This wasn’t translating into today’s offerings until we stopped at P. & E. Mullins LOCAL last summer. We tried their sausage. We grilled up a variety over weeks. We tried the fennel flavor, brats and chorizo. We hit the jackpot!

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Pat and Ellie Mullins own P. & E. Mullins Local in New Buffalo Michigan. We met with them recently to discuss why their products are so good! Pat was inspired to choose this path in life after his Fergus Henderson experience in London, England. “Nose to Tail Eating” is one of the well worn books at Pat and Ellie’s shop. Pat had dinner at the renowned St. John Restaurant. The rest was history.

During our latest visit we had the opportunity to meet the local delivery of ramps for rampdouille sausage that is currently featured in their meat case. This produce is local and organic and added to this spring sausage recipe.

The shop is located on Red Arrow Highway just north of downtown New Buffalo. Ellie and Pat exude a good and comfortable vibe. Working with local farms and artists, the couple brings a refreshing assortment of local artisan cheeses, vegetables and dry goods to the table.

To learn more about Pat and Ellie’s passion, visit their shop!  You will see their business model is straight forward and sincere. “Source and showcase the tastiest meats, cheeses and produce the Midwest has to offer”.

Next stop? Our husbands will be very excited about our next feature.

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  1. scintillatebrightly #

    You’re making me miss home! Love Michigan! it has so much to offer and people just don’t give it the credit it deserves.

    May 4, 2012
    • 2sisternicole #

      What part of Michigan do you call home? Our family has been visiting the Harbor Country area as far back as I can remember. My Father would travel on the South Shore line when he was a boy to visit family in Michigan. And you are absolutely right, Michigan definitely deserves more credit! Glad you enjoyed the post. We will soon be posting on some more gems we visited during our last visit – stay tuned!

      May 5, 2012
      • scintillatebrightly #

        I’m from EL. And I spent a lot of time in the detroit area too. Love my home state 🙂 people under rate it and i get it but it has so much to offer. Love that you’re encouraging others to see the same.

        May 5, 2012
  2. Bella #

    Can’t wait to get back there! And it has only been one week since we were last drove down Red Arrow Hwy. Joe Bob Smith shares my sentiments!

    May 4, 2012
  3. 2sisternicole #

    Joe Bob Smith? Nicccceee….

    May 5, 2012

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