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Geeks, bullies, artists and guitars

By: Jen

In light of recent publicity for the movie “Bully”, I thought this was a perfect time to share some gems of wisdom.

“The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” is a recent title I stumbled upon and boy am I glad I did. The author Alexandra Robbins reveals how students are ostracized or punished for their individuality while navigating the school halls and cafeteria of life. The shocking piece to the book is the school faculty who perpetuate some of the bad behavior.

As a young person I knew I was different from those on the playground, which later translated to resisting the drama which played out between the walls of the cafeteria in high school. Many times I just chose to eliminate myself from the scene, instead pouring myself into reading, working on my art or getting to know another interesting soul. Developing the ability to change your direction or take the time to view the subtle nuances of human interaction has greatly helped me in adulthood. Maintaining this mindset helps me identify subject matter and find interesting ways to create my art.

Miss Robbins follows the lives of seven students– from the popular bitch to the band geek. These children are painfully aware, yet unaware of the challenges of these difficult school years. I love how she inspires the students to practice changing their social situations in order to honor their individuality. The students come away more confident and ready to face the world at large.

DJ Ashba, the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses has just become the national spokesperson for He was bullied as a child. Thank you to DJ for sharing his unbelievable talent as an artist. Creative minds make the world go around!

Check out the trailer for Bully: 

Just imagine how many less adult bullies would be in the world today if we chose to be tolerant and actually celebrate the uniqueness of every individual from birth.

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